CJP Center for Jungian Psychology AB

CJP was formed in 1987 as a center for Jungian activities in Sweden and a publishing house specialized in Jungian literature.

CJP Information

CJP Information is publishing the CJP Newsletter (in Swedish) twice yearly (June and December) and it´s distributed via e-mail to subscribers all over the world.

You can order your own copy of CJP Newsletter free of charge from

CJP Publishing

CJP Publishing is a publishing house specializing in Jungian literature in Swedish. The first title was published in December 1989. Since then a number of titles have been published each year, bringing the total number up to more than 60 as per today.

The CJP Booklet Series contain titles in English as well as in Swedish.

CJP Publishing is also selling Jungian literature in English, published by Inner City Books, Toronto, Canada (see our Netshop).

CJP Training

CJP Training is no longer active since our move from Vintervaegen in Solna.

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